Terms of Service

Site Purpose and Ownership

This website exists for fun and entertainment purposes only. It is owned and operated by The GOAT, LLC.

Remote Tale Privacy

When you share a link to one of your tales for remote collaboration, anyone with the link can edit your content. Please only share that link privately with your collaborators.

Content Ownership

You own the content of the tales you write.

Library Feature

Our library feature allows others on the internet to read your tale(s). In order for us to publish your tale to the library, you will submit a request to us to include your tale in the library. By doing this, you are granting us permission to feature your tale on our website royalty-free. We will also not accept every tale based on the content. The tales will be taken as a point-in-time (a copy) and authors will be anonymous unless otherwise specified. You can have a tale removed from the library by request.

User Analytics Gathering

This website collects basic site usage data through proprietary means (as in not through a third-party provider like Google Analytics). We do this to understand how users are using our site and analyze any possible improvements. The only personally identifiable information we collect is from the Google or Apple account you use to sign in. This is mainly so we know how to link a tale you wrote with your account.

Refund Policy

If you have paid for a premium account and feel you have been mislead as to what the gets you, contact us for a refund. We will remove all content from you and delete your account for you.